"Blessed is the person who has the talent to be a singer, artist, or writer.  
But they must have an audience for their talents to be appreciated.  
Blessed is the person who can be their audience."

I have a friend who is a writer of words.  
Carole's dream of being a published author has finally been realized with two of her poems being featured in volumes recently released by the International Library of Poetry.  

Carole is a cut above the rest.  
She can write poetry, songs and stories "at the drop of a hat".  Give her a word, phrase or a thought and the words just seem to flow out of her.  These pages are for my "Proud Canadian" friend and my way of saying......

"Thank you Carole for giving me 
such pleasure with your words".
These writings are originals and should not be used without the consent of Carole McLaughlin.   Click here or anywhere you see Carole's name to send her an e-mail requesting permission.


Meet The Poet

"The poet's soul becomes the very heart of the poetry he/she creates.  I write in an effort to show in words how I feel about my life and those I love.  I live in a world of words, for only with pen in hand can I express my emotions and my thoughts.  This is my life and my joy!

I have always thought that my Canadian heritage, added to growing up in the State of Maine, has given me some insight into the beauty of all that surrounds me as well as an appreciation of the simple things in life.  I consider love and friendship just as important as food and drink and I try to bring all these things into my World of Words.  We all use words to convey emotions such as love, friendship, beauty and simplicity, and if my words help bring these things to those that read them, then I shall humbly call myself a poet...."

God Bless America
I light this candle in memory of the people who have lost
their lives in the terrorist attacks and to honor the men and
women of the Armed Forces, the Fire, Police and EMS
who put their lives on the line to protect us and keep us safe.




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Her Dream

Teen Shampoo

The Decision



Precious Time

  Gentle Shadows

The Castle

I Fell Today

Lonely Soul

Life's Three Gates  

Behold The Unicorn


Little Friends

Came You

I Still Remember

My Soul Awaits

Mama's Kitchen

Once Upon A Dream

Until The Clouds Pass By

East and West

Nature's Music

The Mailbox

The Bridge

Brook Adventures

Summer Wine


Show Me Not


Rose of Love

The Land Of Love

Beauty of The Morning

Life's Window

For A Pretty Lady

Let's Be Friends


Forgotten Memories


Poetry In Motion


Butterfly Kisses

Word Warrior

Pepe's Pride

Stand With Me

Whisper Of The Wind

Falling Rain

Me and Mr. Turkey

Shining Silvers

To Die For

Love Affair



Dear Diary

Wondrous Birth

Land of The Grey/Green Sea

The Cowboy

Ivory Tower

Sparkling Fire

High On The Mountain


Silent Sunset

Miniature Monsters

Beech Welcome

The Lady Of The Lake

Light A Candle

I Believe In Christmas

My Son


Tranquility Trail

The Memory Sea

My Angels

Welcome To Our Garden

Here He Comes

Sideline Golf

Giving Thanks

Elwin The Elf

The Wedding



Moody Mountain

He Came A-Knockin'

Halloween Ride

  I Have Not Wealth




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