Iridescent Brilliance
Shimmer before my Eyes
Taunting me to catch a Glimpse
of Radiant Sunlit Skies

I Plunge into the Depths
Deep Down into the Cold
then turn about, Undaunted
Determined to be Bold!

Powered by my Intentions
Propelled by Lust for Light!
I Race to Break this Barrier
with all my Dolphin Might!

Erupting out of Shadows
a Rainbow Lights my Way!
and only for Brief Moments
I see the Break of Day!

I feel the Winds upon me
I Soar into the Sky!
If I had Wings, instead of Fins

then I would surely Fly!


For that Moment, I feel Free

so I Breathe in Deep and Fast

for I know that every Leap I make

wasn't meant to Last


So down I go, to Slice the Waves

and make my Presence Known

by Screaming out my Dolphin Cries

Amid a Tidal Zone.


Leagues across the Sea I go

Heading towards the Sun

Not knowing when my Journey ends

But Knowing it had begun!


Perhaps Someday I'll Understand

Why I'm Trapped Beneath the Sea

For when I Breathe, the Air Above

Is when I'm Truly Free!



used by permission
Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved




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