What an honor to be chosen
By Sir Lancelot and your peers...
To receive the special honor
Of "Guardian Of The Year"!

Chosen for loyalty and honor
And for a heart that's always true…
Chosen for devotion to Sir Lancelot
And the trust he has placed in you.

Add mental strength and love…
Add caring for your Castle family!
As Guardian Of The Year, my friend,
You've set your spirit free!

Free to soar to the highest heights…
Free to be a leader without fear…
Free to take pride that you've been chosen
Sir Lancelot's "Guardian Of The Year"!

And when your year is over
And another Guardian is named…
Remember, you are in our hearts
And there you will remain!


Written with love for our Guardians of the Year
And with great pride in belonging to the Guardians’ Hall…
Carole McLaughlin, November, 2002


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