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Landscapes & Seascapes

Featuring Oil Painting by Knife Technique 

Hector John Gaudreau

Meet The Artist


All of the paintings shown here are originals.  They were created using painting knives to deliver thick, heavy, permanent oil color to the canvas.  "Painting with fire", it has been called.  No brushes were used except for the artist's signature!  Creating impressionistic and expressionistic art this way is a technique long favored by the artist.


Prices subject to change without notice


A click on the thumbnail of the painting will take you to an enlarged view showing the size and pricing information.

Prices shown are without frames. Cost of frames sizes and styles are available by request. Buyers are responsible for shipping costs; seller will ship via UPS to U.S. locations only (no overseas shipping). For availability and prices of Lithographs, please see below.


God Bless America
I light this candle in memory of the people who have lost
their lives in the terrorist attacks and to honor the men and
women of the Armed Forces, the Fire, Police and EMS
who put their lives on the line to protect us and keep us safe.



Asanctty.jpg (19738 bytes)
Quiet Sanctity


Amarsh.jpg (32461 bytes)

Amorningsold.jpg (40026 bytes)
Morning At The River


Acove.jpg (27064 bytes)
Quiet Cove

Asoltude2.jpg (22383 bytes)


As Nitefalls.jpg (23585 bytes)
As Night Falls


Flowers.jpg (31947 bytes)
Flowers In Vase
Not for sale
Private Collection


All are numbered and signed by the artist
Prices include shipping and handling


Lithograph Size

8 X 10

11 X 14

16 X 20

18 X 24






Double Matted
 (w/Foam/Core Backing)





Payment can be made using Pay Pal ( or by check or money order.  When paying by personal check, shipping will be delayed until check clears the banking facility.  Notification to purchase must be sent email.  The address where payment should be sent will be given by return mail.  Purchase request will be held in escrow as a courtesy until payment is received, but not longer than 10 days.  

The artist will paint an original - one of a kind - personalized, expressionistic floral 16X20 oil painting for you.  Contact the artist for pricing and information.


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