This page is to give you an idea of how the bookmarks look and their size
in relation to a regular size Bible.

The pictures are not the best quality as I had trouble with glare on the lamination.
The inserts are done on parchment paper, peach, gray, vanilla and natural and they are done
with and without the burned border around them.

They can be bought with or without tassels and if someone wants to purchase without
tassel, but wants to make their own tassel, I will be glad to punch the hole at top of bookmark
 for them.

The price for the laminated bookmarks is:
$3.50 with tassel and $3.00 without tassel .

If only one bookmark is ordered, I will cover the mailing cost but if multiples are ordered,
I will charge a couple dollars to help on the mailing package and stamps.

The last picture shows the non-laminated bookmarks.  These bookmarks can be ordered with or without burned effect border.  They are printed on bookmark cardstock and come in gray, beige, cream and white.  

They are and $1.75 without tassel.  I no longer offer them with tassel.  The tassels tend to tear the non laminated bookmarks if pulled on...

The non-laminated bookmarks are suitable for someone writing a message on the back or
a Bible verse of your choice but the laminated bookmarks can not be written on.


Laminated bookmarks with tassel and with or without burned border  $3.50

Laminated bookmarks with and without burned border and NO tassel  $3.00

Non laminated bookmarks with burned border ...  $1.75 

These are not available with tassel anymore...


To order bookmarks, click here to email Martha for ordering details


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