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Piano Man's Prose

Piano Man is Hector John Gaudreau,  a multi-talented individual who plays a piano in such a way that you will think you have died and gone to Heaven when you hear him play.  H.J., as he is known by his friends,  has allowed me to use his poetry and his music to create the following pages.  I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do - and I am sure you will.  Here is what he says about his poetry:



"These poems are those penned since my early teens.  Originally there were 287 pages of poems dating back to my 14th birthday.  In 1994, when compiling them as an anthology, my computer was taken by the Michael Angelo virus which deleted all but 12 pages.  Some few years back someone asked me, "Are all the poems here ones that you have written?"  The answer, "Yes!".  These are a part of memories that I began putting into words during my early teens...many years ago!  My poems were precious portals to my yesteryears and each, so endearing to me, so private, I never shared them with anyone.  It was only a few years ago when a woman named Vanessa, through a friend, heard some of my musical compositions.  We communicated by email and it was then I revealed to her that I also wrote poetry...this was the start of  sharing my thoughts, my words.  So whoever you are...I now share my memories with you.  I hope my words touch your heart.  If so, please share your thoughts and send me a brief email.  Just click on the email button below."


God Bless America
I light this candle in memory of the people who have lost
their lives in the terrorist attacks and to honor the men and
women of the Armed Forces, the Fire, Police and EMS
who put their lives on the line to protect us and keep us safe.


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Behold! A Poet



Love Story

In War

Says This Old Man

Ole Matt

High Flight
~ John Gillespie Magee, Jr. ~

Once Upon A Time


Bedtime Story



This Trophy presented
for your
'Tro-rific' work!

from Brenda


Thank you Mary for both these awards!

I  have spent  over  an  hour  communicating  with
your  heart,  dear  H.J.  ~  reading  your  poems,
viewing  your  paintings,   listening  to your  passions
through  your  piano.    I  have  named   you

"Passionate  Pianist"
"Prolific  Painter"
"Poet  of  Preeminence"

Another  award  for  you,  H.J.,  for  your
grand  talents  and  your  heart  for
life !   So  well deserved,  I   say,  and
touched  by  THE  Master's  HAND !

I am honored to receive these awards.




Background music 
~ "My Way" ~
performed by Hector John Gaudreau. 
"To join his music list or
receive information about his CDs,
contact him at A Fireside Melody @"

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