I have been writing poetry since I was about ten years old. While I feel compelled to write poems of love, I do enjoy writing others as well. 
People know me best when they have read my poetry because they have seen into my heart and soul. 

Some of my poetry has been written specifically for people I know and have known. Some of it is generically written for that person I have never met. Considering that, perhaps one of my poems was written, especially for you. My poetry is of exceptional importance to me because it is, who I am. Until I draw my last breath I will write. 

This is my lovely wife of 44 years, Donna.  She has served as my inspiration for much of what I have written.  She is my best friend, my daily companion and my soul mate.  I would be lost without her for she is truly my hero and the wind beneath my wings.

Born and raised in Ohio I am a father and grandfather and a friend to all who wish to be my friend. I love life with refreshing zest and feel at home in all of nature.

Ron Bliss



"From The Heart" 

"Water From The Well" 


"From The Heart"
is a book of poetry designed for the true romantic.  It sells for seven dollars plus a dollar for postage. 

"Water From The Well"
my second book, contains poetry that deals with a cross-section of life from love, joy and happiness to faith and family.  It sells for seven dollars as well and requires two dollars for postage. 

Order both books for a total of sixteen dollars, including postage.

To order, 
please send me an email 
using the email button below 
and put in the subject line: 
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Poet's Forum
and has awarded Ron Bliss
1st place award
August, 2006 competition
for his poem

This poem was written in honor and memory
of his brother and dedicated to his

The beautiful photograph used in the making of this page was taken by 
Stanley W. Dawson in Virginia.
It is used with Stan's permission and my gratitude to Stan for allowing me.


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