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Terragen Originals


What is Terragen?

Terragen is a work-in-progress scenery generator for Windows and the Mac OS. At this stage of its development, Terragen is free for personal non-commercial use.

Terragen is capable of photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation.

Where can you find and d/l Terragen?

Below you will find thumbnails of Terragen pictures that I have created.  I adore Terragen and spend hours and days in total frustration until all at once it starts to come together for me.
I have embedded my watermark in each one and the only requirement I have for allowing you to use these pictures in making your own background sets, is that you do not remove my watermark nor claim them as your own.  If you provide credit and a link back to me, wonderful!  I will be very appreciative of that but it is not a requirement for use.
Also I really would love to see what you do with the picture so it would be nice if you contacted me and let me know how and where you used my creations. 

I hope you enjoy using my Terragen creations as much as I enjoyed making them, minus the frustrations...LOL!

Check back often because I will be adding more as time allows.

A click on the thumbnail will take you to a larger picture that you can right click and save to your Hard Drive.....


if you want a printed 8X10 on glossy photo paper, 
just email me and I will send it to you 
for a cost of $15.00 plus shipping. 



BALMY SKY AND OCEAN.jpg (18325 bytes)     BLUE ICE.jpg (14528 bytes)     BLUESKY GREEN FIELD.jpg (14708 bytes)     COVE.jpg (121480 bytes)    FOG 1.jpg (57658 bytes)     FOG SUNRISE.jpg (7821 bytes)     


FOGSRSSPURPLE.jpg (52192 bytes)     GREEN FIELDS.jpg (82596 bytes)     GRASS.jpg (71359 bytes)     GRASSY HILLSIDE.jpg (73721 bytes)     INLET COVE GREEN.jpg (83207 bytes)     INLET COVE SAND6.jpg (98027 bytes)


INLET COVE.jpg (85730 bytes)     RED ORANGE SKY.jpg (54742 bytes)     SUNSET DESSERT2.jpg (113782 bytes)     UNFINISHED2.jpg (80982 bytes)    UNFINISHED2B.jpg (81227 bytes)     UNFINISHED2E.jpg (94832 bytes)


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