When you Walk through the Woods
Very late at Night
Be very Wary
Upon this Sight
For Whenever you Move
It moves too
Almost as if
it knows what you do
Oft times it's Covered
in Whisper thin Veils
As the Wolves howl Softly
and the Coyotes Wail
Even the Owls
Upon Old dead Trees
Bristle their Feathers
At the slightest Breeze
For how can they Know
What lies ahead?
Amid the Pale Shadows
Of Darkness and Dread!
Only One, can Slay
This Mysterious Thing
Who can Soar Through the Night
With the Absence of Wings
It Comes from East
In a Ball of Pure Light
to push back the Darkness
and Swallow the Night
Yet the Battle shall End
At the Close of the Day
When the Sun shall Depart
And let the Moon have its Way...

used by permission
Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved

I don't know who the creator of the awesome art work is
but please if you know, email me so I can give credit!

The beautiful and haunting melody is from
Joseph Fire Crow
Tribal Winds
Please support him by buying his CD

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