I Wish to Spend this Night with Thee

Beneath the Summer Skies

Sheltered by a Willow Tree

and Away from Prying Eyes


And Underneath This Canopy

Of delicate chains of Green

My Heart be filled in Rhapsody

As I Hear you Softly Sing


And As I Listened, To your Voice

and the Words I'd Long to Hear

Of how your Heart, had made this Choice

To Hold Our Love, so Dear


Tears Would flow, Upon my Face

Much Like Our Weeping Willow

and I would Yearn for your Embrace

and thy busom for my Pillow


Then I too, would Sing with Thee

And Blend with Thine Own Song

Together in Sweet Harmony

and two Hearts beating Strong



used by permission
Copyright Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved


The Beautiful photo, 
used with permission
 in the making of this web set, 
was taken by

Suzanne Williams

For a real treat visit her site
Suzanne Williams Photography

The midi playing is
Beneath The Willow
Matthew J. Drollinger


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