A Mothers Love

One day, as I, was walking along
my quiet town, so quaint
I pondered of the loves I had
and my heart began to faint
My footsteps echoed empty
when I thought in my dismay
For my "true loves" all have left me
alone, I walked that day
Oh tears! Hold back!
Hence forth from whence they came!
I struggled to hold onto
a thought of LOVE, not Pain!
I sat upon a wooden bench
and gazed out into a park
Children were laughing, filled with joy
Within me there came a spark
A feeble smile, upon my face
slowly turned into a grin
I saw a mother, hold her child
(Forever-ness is within!)
Her undaunted love, her loving grace
her desire for unfailing warmth is shown
and I am in rapture of her smile
I treasure this love I've known
I think of her, my loving mom
and how she makes me smile
I cling to this, this undying love
while I am within this trial
I love you mom, you're in my heart
you will always be in my soul
this poem I wrote is for you
for you have made me whole..
A mothers love is forever
this much I know is true
this love I feel inside me
this love I feel... is you!
I love you mom!
used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved


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