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Photo Restoration

(samples coming soon)



for pricing and details

Original Photography


Custom Made DVD Shows
Birthday parties, memorials, weddings, anniversary, etc

The prices listed are based on customer
scanning and sending photos and 
providing a copy of music to be used...

...additional charges for text frames, captions,
and poetry used as well as shipping costs added...

up to 10 photos, plus one song - $29.00
(includes one DVD...copies made at $10.00 per copy)

Up to 20 photos, plus one song - $39.00
(includes one DVD...copies made at $10.00 per copy)

Up to 30 photos, plus one song - $49.00
(includes two DVD's...copies made at $10.00 per copy)

more than 30 photos and one song
 quotes on requests....

email me, Martha, for more info and
to arrange details

Memorial Bookmarks

Special Bookmarks

The above services are available 
but individual pages have not been 
completed on some of the areas 

They will be coming soon, in the meantime.....

For More information,
Details, pricing, etc, please email



Web Design


Please read the 
Rules Of Use
before you go any further

Web Design

Background Sets

-Linkware 1-
Background Sets
These are the older sets 

-Linkware 2-
-Paintings of Artist
Background Sets
-Graphics/paintings/photos of others 

-Linkware 3-
Original Photographs and Graphics made by
 BBM Designs
are used in the making of these sets

-Linkware 4-
Web TV Compatible
and Single Layer Backgrounds

*These sets are designed to look good either on computer or Web TV.

Custom Designed Background Sets

Animated Signatures

unable to do these at the present time, but check back for re-activation in the future!

BBM Designs has a new look!  

I hope this layout will be easy for your to navigate and find
just what you are looking for.  If you have any suggestions
that might help improve the site, or if you need 
something special made for you, 
please feel free to contact 

BBM Designs

Each Index page will have the 

Rules Of Use

posted for you to follow.  
I ask that you please go by these rules.
In many cases, talented artists have given me permission to use their work and they 
MUST be given credit.

The Rules Of Use 

must be followed by everyone and the background sets 
are not to be taken apart and a top graphic used for emails etc.  
There are a couple of sections providing photography 
or paintings for use anyway you wish,


and in most of these, the painting/photograph/graphic 
will have a watermark on the art.  
To remove this is against the 

Rules Of Use

I have had trouble in the past with people coming
to my site, copying the graphics and using them
anyway they want and never giving credit to the 
owner/creator even after I contacted them.  
If you will check the Special Notice below before
'stealing' someone else's work it would be appreciated. 
When an artist is kind enough to share their talents
then it is only right that we respect their wishes
and not misuse their goodness of heart.

Special Notice:

If you send out a weekly/daily mailing and wish graphics/photographs/etc that you can use without having to give credit, contact me! 
I will make them for you, at no charge to you, using my own photos, graphics, etc
and embed a copyright mark for you that will allow you
to use them without having to provide links or credits to the artist/creator.
This will keep you from being in violation of copy right laws and make everyone happy!



Rules Of Use

The background sets/photographs/art work and graphics found on the following pages are for your use.  
There is no money charge for these sets.
But there are 

Rules Of Use

If you use any of the items in these pages, I ask that you:

~ Please right click on tiles and accessories and save to disk or your hard-drive

~ Use the logo provided and link to:

~ Send me the URL where the set is used so I can visit you~

Also if a particular artist's painting is used to make the set,
there will be a logo button provided that

be used and linked back to the artist.

and if a watermark is embedded or overlaid in the graphic/photo, removal of that watermark is against all rules and laws of copyright.  
Please respect the rights of the artists!

  Some sets do not include Guest Book but if you want a Guest Book, additional buttons or a Title for your page, email me and I will be glad to make them for you.  If you need help setting up tables etc. please email me and I will be glad to help you.   There is no charge for this with the free sets.


The beautiful music playing is "Count Your Blessings"
performed by a special friend Brenda Jolly
Please visit her site


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