Blazes in the Sky

She laid upon
a bed of tears
late one summers night
She lit a candle
in memory of
a soul that burned as bright
Oft times she cried
herself to sleep
mourning for her son
Slipping into
a dream-like world
beyond this tearful one
Billowing clouds
surrounded her
and carried her away
To a place where Angels, oft times dwell
and cherubs love to play.
There amid
God's shining light
She saw her unborn child
With angels wings upon him
- a cherub, undefiled -
Suddenly, she had realized
his flame, did not die
And the candle
that she burns for him
Blazes in the Sky.

"Dear Beth.. God's Comfort is far
greater than what can be said,
by this humble poet"

used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved