Happily Ever After


Whispering Winds Did Promise 
Of a Time That I Would Be 
Holding Hands of a Loved One 
As I Walked Along The Sea

The Sands Did Shift and Change 
The Tides Did Come and Go 
Yet Still Along the Waters 
My Life was Dull and Slow

Many a Time I wondered 
Just Why I Chose This Shore 
Perhaps This was an Island 
alone with Nothing More?

But Suddenly, There Came to Me 
That Whisper Once Again! 
But This Time It Was Different 
For it Came not From the Wind!

I Turned to See, Her Watching Me
Her Eyes, Revealed She Cared
She Had Followed Heavy Footprints
With All My Burdens Bared

She Took My Hand as Promised 
And Held Me Close That Day 
And Happily Ever After 
Our Lives Have Been That Way!






used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved

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