I had a long talk
with my heart today
For I felt that it
had a lot to say
So I meandered along
amid rivers and streams
And listened deeply
to my thoughts and dreams
Then my heart whispered
some encouraging news
"The heart of a poet
is rich with muse, 
So be absorbed in your thoughts
And let your heart go
And be like this river
and just let it flow".

I smiled and came
upon an oak tree
Its boughs were rigid
and as hard as could be
It towered above all
the trees in the glen
The strongest of all
Yet the least one to bend
Then chimed my heart
to me once more
"What matters most
is what's in its core 
for deep down inside
is where it does matter
For if it won't bend
Then it will shatter!
Remember this too,
when it comes to me
For a heart that is hardened
Is no good to thee!"

When I came home
later that night
and the rivers and trees
were gone from my sight
I said to my heart
before I did rest
'I will try to do 
my utmost best'
For I have learned 
a lesson, so true
and that is to follow
my heart, too


used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved


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