Old Man Winter
A gust of wind
A flurry of Snow!
Winter is soon over!
Let's watch as it goes!
"Old Man Winter"
Whistles and moans!
"Oh not just yet
..the geese have not flown!"
"Ah! But look ahead!
There in the sky!
And what's this I hear?
is that a goose's cry?"
"Honk if you will!
...honk if you must"!
...Says 'Old Man Winter'
(in the wind that he gusts!)
"Oh no! Not just yet!
(he says, oh so strong!)
...I have not yet heard
a red robins, sweet song!"
Then there in the bushes
out came a small bird
and 'Old Man Winter'
was not happy what he heard!
"Oh No, not YOU!
(said he with a smile)
...now I KNOW tis over
..but for a short while!"
"For I will return
and this much I know
you will miss the beauty
of what you call 'snow'!"
And with that he sighs
and the blanket of snow
he rolls up like carpet
then carries, and goes...
Then the air grows warmer
and Life is renewed
splendor is everywhere
in everything that is viewed!
We will surely miss him
And his world of ice
But for now let us enjoy
this new season, so nice!
used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved


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