Precious Gift

I Recall, In My Christmas Of Yore
Whilst I Lay Awake, In Sleepless Night
A Shimmer Or Two Beneath My Door
(Reflections Of Our Christmas Lights)
Silently, Like Fallen Snow
Santa Came, Without A Sound
How He Did This, I Did Not Know
With His Reindeer, All Around!
Then I Pondered, Deep Inside
If I Were Good, That Year
Did I Deserve, Those Gifts, With Pride?
My Thoughts Became Unclear.
For I Was Only Six Years Old
And oft Times Did Not Listen!
I Did Not Do What I Was Told
And My Eyes Began To Glisten!
I fell Asleep, With Doubts In Mind
And Awoke With Troubled Thoughts
Not Knowing What, I would Find
And My Tummy, All In Knots!
I Opened Up My Bedroom Door
And Saw The Christmas Tree
Beneath The Boughs and On The Floor
Were Gifts, All Wrapped For Me!
I Cried And Said, To Mom And Dad,
"I Really Wonder Why
That Even When I'm Sometimes Bad
These Gifts I Get" (said I)
Then My Father, With Eyes Aglow
Said, With Much Delight
"Troubles Come And Troubles Go
And Then They're Out Of Sight"
"Our Love For You, Shall Always Be
And Someday You'll Understand
The Most Precious Gifts, Beneath The Tree
Are The Ones That Take Your Hand."
Without A Word, And On One Knee
My Parents Reached Out, With Love
And Scooped Me Up, So That I Could See
Their Most Precious Gift, Thereof.



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used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved

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