As I Sailed Out To Sea

Junior Class Poem

Junior Class Song

A Child's Prayer

The Travelers

Collections of Love and Light

Thy Will Be Done

I Cry For Love...


My Dream Ship

Remembering Dad

Winner Always Loses

So You're Gonna Have A Baby

Ode To A Friend

Turn Back Time

Happy Halloween

...And Quietly I Cry

Who Remembers?

Mommy, Please Let Me In

A Poem

The Doll On The Shelf


A Dream Of Dawn

King and Ms Mouse

The Guessing Game

There Was An Old Guy

My Absentee Friend

Mr. Grumps

Has Anyone Seen Santa

A Gift For Santa

A Christmas Message

Mother, I've Come Home

Get Up Woman

Through The Eyes Of Forgiveness

Sally Ann

Treasures Left Behind

Save A Place For Me

The Dance

The Wonder Of Snow

God's Gifts To Us


Happy Birthday To Me

The Halloween Feast












Mother's Gone Home
by James Henderson
in memory
Mary Estepp



"Reflections Of The Heart" pages are listed above, but before, and even after "Reflections"  - very dear friends created pages for me or requested that I write a special poem for them - and those pages are listed below.  Please use your back browser button to return to "Reflections"  after viewing those pages!

Angel's Wings

A Stronger Love  

Meditations At Midnight

Dying Love


Christmas Anjul

A Special Poem To A Special Man

Farewell To This Life