Summer Breeze

I've walked along the shores of life
and gazed upon the seas of change
I've trod upon the sands of time
In a world that seems so strange

For upon this land, where sea-gulls cry
and the skies are distant dreams
I've searched for something, I've never had
Nor ever will, it seems..

For I have learned that love is not
Something that can be found
It is not a footprint in the sand
(for it knows not where it's bound)

Love is like a summer breeze
that catches you by surprise,
And Love can make you sparkle
with starlight shining eyes

Love is something whispered
deep into your soul
And Love is what we hope for
and is our life long goal.

So as you read this poem
and Love seems out of reach
Do not look for footprints
along a sandy beach..

For if you're looking down
Life will pass you by
And the seas of change, will come
and wash it with a sigh.

Love cannot be found
This much I know is true
Love is like a summer breeze
and flows from me to you...

used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved