Sustaining Love
~ Thomas E. Cassick ~


I am looking forward, to the days ahead..
for no longer do I, the days I dread.
Where once was unspoken,
Now must be said..
"A heart that was broken,
..heals now, instead"

The Walls that came down, late that night..
were years of great sorrow, and Armoured in White
But one gentle touch, was all that it took
And the armour fell down, and trembled and shook
For there amid, the soft candlelight
Bore the true spirit, of a "White Knight"

All that was left, were tears, much like rain
The years were all gone, yet so was the pain!
The shadows had fled, from deep in my heart
And what did remain, did not depart..
You were right there, and never did wane
For the Love that you give.. shall always sustain.


used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved