White Knight
There Amid The Stars At Night
Strode A Gallant Armoured Knight
Whose Secrets Hidden
Yet To Tell
Beneath Wrought Iron
Chain And Mail
Deep Within His Iron Mask
Hides The Question, No One Asks
"When Hearts Are Broken
Like Shattered Glass
Who Can Mend
A Broken Past?"
Shadows Pass On Cloudless Night
As Star-Light Shines On Armoured Knight
He Turns About
Fierce And Bold
And Draws His Sword
That's Sharp And Cold
"Friend Or Foe!", He Yells Aloud
(His Blade Is True, His Stance Is Proud!)
"Come Ye Out
...From Yonder Tree,
Or I Shall Take
The Life From Thee!"
Moonlight Shone On Lengthy Blade
Silence Was Heard On Moonlit Glade
Nothing Was Said
For Nothing Was There
Except For The Shadows
Of His Fear.

used by permission
Copyright   Thomas E. Cassick
All Rights Reserved